Integrated logistics

The importance of logistics in the handling of goods and products BRIO GROUP considers the movement of goods as a single complex tasks to handle with managerial criteria; the voice logistics becomes a priority in view of a policy aimed at improving the service and the containment of operating costs. Logistics “integrated” Integrated logistics extends […]

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Facility Management

The Facility Management is “the business discipline that coordinates the physical space of work with human resources and the company’s own activities. Integrate the principles of economic and financial management of business, architecture and the behavioral and engineering sciences “. In other words, the Facility Management is the process of design, implementation and control through […]

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Intermodal transportation

The road transport, due to the particular topography of the Italian territory and the lack of infrastructure in the Italian system, prompted the most forward-looking transport companies to diversify business structures, turning their attention to intermodal transport. The intermodal choice combines flexibility and efficiency to a growing sensitivity to the environment, drastically reducing pollutant emissions […]

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