Integrated logistics

The importance of logistics in the handling of goods and products

BRIO GROUP considers the movement of goods as a single complex tasks to handle with managerial criteria; the voice logistics becomes a priority in view of a policy aimed at improving the service and the containment of operating costs.

Logistics “integrated”

Integrated logistics extends and combines the transportation, storage and distribution of goods and products.
The BRIO GROUP interpretation sees the integrated logistics as a natural extension of the transport business and has as its main goal the optimization and integration of processes of storage and distribution of goods and products, in addition to joint research, together with the client, of rewarding innovations for improved service performance and business management costs.

Custom logistics service

BRIO GROUP offers smart operational solutions and processes, flexible and competitive for a truly personalized transportation service.
Over the years BRIO GROUP has developed its presence in the market by offering customers all the services of the supply chain logistics:

  • Managing deposits of raw materials, semi-finished products and spare parts;
  • Processing (finishing, processing, packaging);
  • Full national and international transport;
  • Specialized local distribution;
  • Express transportation;
  • Transport international air-sea-land;
  • Design and implementation of customized logistic models;
  • Finishing, processing, packaging;
  • Management and training resources;
  • Financial investments and immmobiliari in business and logistics facilities.

Making integrated logistics for BRIO GROUP means:

  • Optimizing time and transportation costs;
  • Flexible and dynamic structures for the storage of goods;
  • Team of proven experience and high professionalism;
  • Commodity distribution network and capillary products;
  • Winning technologies and an advanced information system for the management and storage.

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