Disinfestation and rat extermination

Rat extermination

The company BRIO GROUP offers rodent control services using a wide range of rodenticides products of traps and dispensers of solid bait.

Equipped with the latest technology provides quick and safe treatments that can effectively eliminate harmful pests and unhygenic.

An infestation of mice is a solvable problem, provided it is faced with method and professionalism: a poorly done treatment leaves too many examples in life, which can repopulate the area at an impressive pace. Moreover, the need to derat is pressing, given that these animals are always both carriers of parasites that of serious diseases – and can therefore contaminate the goods, particularly foodstuffs – and are in any case harmful, given that gnaw and destroy cables and also very strong structures. To do this, it is acting on several fronts: carried out a monitoring of the environment to identify the most critical areas where action by installing physical barriers, we proceed to the use of traps and the bait dispensers, priming, where the bait poison animals that eat it.

Disinfections of environments

The BRIO GROUP, thanks to the skill and experience of the teams of specialists, modernly equipped, can also perform the most delicate operations delousing eco-friendly, using environmentally friendly products and harmless to humans availing the contribution of highly qualified technicians, as a result of acts surveys to assess the extent, infestation, intervenes outdoors or in confined areas such as stores, warehouses, offices and shopping centers.

Interventions in each environment to reduce and reduce the presence of microorganisms.

The disinfections are those measures to reduce the amount of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, molds, protozoa) of at least one hundred thousand times, through killing, inactivation or lifting, in order to make it free from any source of infection the treated environment.

The interiors and objects with a higher degree of humidity (bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, sinks, towels or dish towels) are normally contaminated by bacteria and other microbes with whom we live in daily contact.

Our immune system is, however, able to defend ourselves adequately. So that the more realistic objective to be pursued is simply an adequate level of hygiene, which is obtained by removing the receptacles of germs.

In these cases, you can reduce the microbial load of floors, toilets and furniture by providing a solution of disinfectants (sodium hypochlorite, quaternary ammonium salts, enzymatic substances).

The disinfections of environments become indispensable after the removal of carcasses of rodents, birds, or other animals, after the environmental contamination by insects, and after the reclaiming of sensitive areas by organic material.

Important is also the sanitization and disinfection of ventilation ducts or hydraulic systems to prevent risk of Legionnaires’ disease (bacterial pneumonia caused by Legionella pneumophila), issue that is becoming much more common in Italy.


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