Facility Management

The Facility Management is “the business discipline that coordinates the physical space of work with human resources and the company’s own activities. Integrate the principles of economic and financial management of business, architecture and the behavioral and engineering sciences “.

In other words, the Facility Management is the process of design, implementation and control through which the facility (ie the buildings and services required to support and facilitate the activities of the company) are identified, specified, retrieved and delivered with the to provide and maintain those service levels that meet your business needs, creating a quality work environment with as little expenditure as possible contained.

What the Facility Management is therefore an integrated approach, through the design, planning and delivery of support services to the main business of the company, aims to increase the organization’s effectiveness and enable it to easily adapt rapidly to changes the market.

The discipline of Facility Management

The three main features of the facility management discipline are strategic, the analytical and managerial-operational

The strategic aspect concerns all decisions on the management policy and retrieval services, the distribution of resources to be used to support corporate objectives (preparation and management of the budget, allocation of costs, etc.), The choice of supplier, etc.
The analytical aspect is related to the understanding of the needs of Internal Clients on services, the control of the operating results and efficiency in service delivery, the identification of new techniques and technologies that support the company’s business. It is therefore a fundamental aspect to ensure that the Facility Management will contribute greatly to achieving the goals of the company.
The managerial and operational aspect concerns the management and coordination of all services taken as a whole (not individual services) and includes the definition of systems and procedures and the implementation and reengineering of the delivery processes.

They are part of the Facilities:



Cleaning and environmental hygiene

Disinfestation and rat extermination

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