Innovation of logistical and organizational processes through the development of a Cloud platform where Distributors, Couriers and Final Customers meet: Supply Network Collaboration – ISNQC” 2022/2023



BRIO GROUP SRL receives recognition for:

Infrastructure security, data protection and digital strategy – VADS” 2022/2023



Brio Group is among the fastest growing companies in Europe, as confirmed by the Financial Times.

We are very proud to share that the Financial Times has included Brio Group in the list of the 1000 European companies with the highest growth rate.

Today the FT1000 ranking – Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies is online in the Financial Times, accessible at this link: FT 1000 Ranking Online

The name of Brio Group is featured in the most prestigious European financial newspaper, where only the best European companies have been included in the final ranking.

This ranking offers a stage of international visibility and Brio Group confirms its constant commitment to the search for opportunities to establish itself on the Italian and European market.

We are proud to share this important recognition with all the Brio Group staff and with all the financial and commercial partners.


In addition to this,

Brio Group is proud to share the important recognition given by Il Sole 24 Ore.

In the 2023 edition of the Leader della Crescita ranking, Brio Group was included in the list of the 500 Italian companies that recorded the best results in terms of growth and development in the three-year period 2018-2021.

Brio Group was placed in 89th place out of 500 in the general classification and is in 2nd place in the Logistics and Transport sector.

This admirable result, obtained in a far from favorable economic context, is the result of the management’s constant commitment to identifying new commercial opportunities, as well as the investments made over the years to diversify its business into different markets.

Thanks must be addressed to the team of professionals employed by Brio Group, as well as to all the financial and commercial partners who have made all of this possible.

The article in Il Sole 24 Ore can be accessed at the following link: