Thanks to an extended logistics network Brio Group is able to carry out Advanced Management Projects. Planning, implementing and controlling the flow of goods from the place of origin to
the place of consumption is the mission that Brio Group has set for itself. Goods handling services are provided by highly qualified personnel using vehicles equipped with the most innovative

The know-how acquired over the years allows us to offer our customers operating in the Fashion, Automotive, Food and Non-Food industries, the best conditions in both organisational and economic terms.


Logistics is the set of transactions designed to optimise the physical flow of materials and information connected to them, which generates as a result of business activities.

Brio Group is able to better manage the various phases of activity setting the objective of exceeding the expectations of the Customer.

Brio Group offers a wide range of tailor-made services, made from the specific needs of the Customer, whereby tangible advantages are obtained along the entire supply chain.

Logistics activities carried out upstream of the production process (inbound or also upstream logistics) merge with the management of the procurement of materials.

Logistics activities located downstream of the production process (also referred to as outbound activities or downstream logistics) involving the management of storage flows and
distribution of the finished products.

Brio Group establishes itself as a specialised player in the INBOUND and OUTBOUND logistics services.


  • Implementation of the Multi-Customer Solutions computer system
  • Receiving Acceptance and quality control Sequencing
  • System of production lines Planning and monitoring of transportation, flow Management, Application of quality systems to the supply chain flows
  • Management of consolidation centres, logistics platforms and distribution centres


  • Acceptance and quality control
  • Bar codes management and use of radio frequency
  • CKD management


  • Packaging and product protection with the use of blister packs, skin packs, heat shrinking, boxes, tubular film
  • Pack to order
  • Diversified storage method
  • Hazardous materials storage
  • Returned items management
  • Packaging Material Management
  • Stock Inventory Management


  • Supplies Management
  • KPI Suppliers Management
  • Massive picking/pick-pack/pick sequencing
  • Picking for FiFo and LiFo


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