The reception services are mainly provided in the buildings of the administrative centers, possibly in major industrial centers, where it is required the receiving activities especially for visitors and tenants of the site.

Concierge services according to the customer’s expectations

The service can be made in full civilian clothes or the uniform of the company depending on the customer requirements, especially as this service can be combined with the monitoring carried out independently or with the use of specially trained employees with the possibility of knowledge foreign languages.

Concierge and reception services

The concierge and reception services can be combined with other services, such as:

  • PBX services
  • Ad visits, registration in the visitor’s book and accompanying customer
  • Delivery and collection of keys
  • Taking delivery of incoming correspondence, separation and sorting recipients
  • Reservation of meeting rooms
  • Use of systems EZS, EPS CCTV
  • Registration of vehicles arriving and those departing and similar services
  • Criteria for concierge and reception services

Criteria for concierge services and reception services

The basic criterion for the exercise of the doorman and front desk is based on:

  • absolute loyalty to the company and the customer
  • High-level social behavior
  • strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of foreign languages according to the specific customer.


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