Storage of the goods is the so-called static phase of warehouse logistics. This activity allows you to distribute in an organized and traceability of each individual pallet-merchandise that will also remain stored for a long period. The Warehouse Brio Group is structured to receive, sort, locate and recharge / send back the goods in a short span of time.

Deposits and warehousing

Performance of all storage operations of goods, from the direct management of deposits on behalf of clients to temporary storages and the clearance of goods for third parties.

Withdrawal of goods from the manufacturer

With a phone call or a fax, all customers can directly book a pickup of their shipments, stating the total number of packages, weight and overall volume. If the booking is recorded in the morning, in general, the withdrawal is carried out in the same day, otherwise the next day.

Storage and inventory control

We carry cargo and equipment storage at our warehouse Interporto of Padua, where we provide our customers large covered spaces, including equipment for loading, unloading and storage of your product.

Loading and delivery

We have at our office of a warehouse with equipment for loading / unloading and storage of goods.

Direct management of the deliveries with our own vehicles

Each shipment, is managed at all stages from the same vehicle, by implementing the technique of the outlet and direct delivery of the goods.

Planning of delivery orders

Nothing is left to chance, work planning is now a run and reliable mechanism, designed to give you maximum security.

Loading / unloading

The loading and unloading of machines is carried out with special equipment and guaranteed by the professionalism of our operators.

Product Processing

Reconditioning and packaging.


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