Handling of outsourced goods

The porterage services represent an essential activity for the proper execution of transport, removals and various fittings. BRIO GROUP is a reliable partner in the field of removals, materials handling or trade fair stands, with personnel trained and equipped (porters, mulettisti and warehouse) to perform porterage actions in a professional manner, thanks to the high quality of cargo handling services .

Operators become available for the transport and handling of outsourced goods for public and private entities.
Our staff is always available for every need of manpower:

  • Upload and download
  • Packaging
  • Coaching staff
  • Staff replacement for diseases or leave, even for short periods.

The primary task of the operators is to secure the goods to be handled, so to make timely delivery and participate in all the unloading of the goods that are entrusted to them.

Cargo handling in complete safety

The large number of cooperatives belonging to the consortium provides mechanical means and equipment for the management of packages, packaging fragile, bulky items, technological devices, food products and construction facilities, including:

  • commercial vans
  • pallet trucks
  • pallet
  • forklifts
  • packaging materials


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